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The cruise line job market is one of the most rapidly growing one - most cruise lines doubled their staffing over (only) the last few years. With all the cruise ships currently under construction, the cruise job market is expected to triple by the end of 2009.

The bigger cruise ships transport well over 3000 passengers and several hundred of different jobs and skills are required to cater for all passengers needs. So, there will surely also be something available for your skill set.

But why would you like to work on a cruise ship anyway? There are numerous advantages:

* Jobs on board are fairly well paid and you should also be able to safe a significant amount of money as most of your expenses (like food, medical care, accommodation…) will be taken care of by the cruise line.

* You basically get luxury travel for free.

* Possibility to meet interesting, friendly and relaxed people.

* In certain cases you might not even be eligible to pay tax - this depends on your citizenship.

* Stepping out of your boring every day routine.

* Great deals on cruises for you and your family.

* You also get the ability to visit a large variety of different places and countries

Cruise lines are looking all year round for motivated, outgoing, friendly people to hire. Contracts usually last from 3-9 months and often you will have the possibility to extend your contract. Jobs on cruise lines are open for any nationality and almost any employee profile and often times there are also entry level positions available.

You can find a big list of jobs available on cruise ships at the following site:
Cruise Ship Jobs

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