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Info Cruise Lines And Ships

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Info Cruise Lines And Ships

Cruise ships are passenger ships traveling to various destinations all over the world. The first ship of this kind was the Princess Victoria Luise" which was built in 1900.

Traveling on cruise lines has become very popular in the last 10-15 years and nowadays, millions of people are traveling on cruise ships every year.

In competition for new customers, the big cruise lines added many luxuries to their travel packages - exclusive dining, casino, swimming pools and much more.

Today, cruise ships are organized like floating hotels with all kinds of other divertissements.

Below you can find a list of some of the most well known cruise ships:

* Aida Europe
* American Cruise Lines America
* American Canadian Caribbean Line America
* Carnival Cruise Lines America
* Celebrity Cruises Europe
* Ocean village Europe
* Costa Cruises Europe
* Crystal Cruises America
* First European Cruises Europe
* Hapag-Lloyd Cruises
* Minoan Lines Europe
* MSC Italian Cruises
* Norwegian America Line
* Oceania Cruises
* P & O Cruises Europe
* Princess Cruises America
* Royal Caribbean International
* Seabourn Cruise Line America
* Star Cruises Asia-Pacific
* Viking Line Europe
* And there are of course many others

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