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Sea Sickness And Cruise Ships

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Sea Sickness And Cruise Ships

Sea sickness isn't really a problem any longer with nowadays modern cruise lines. They are using stabilizers that eliminate most of the motion causing sea sickness. So, in most cases you won't even feel that you are at sea.

Here are a few tips if sea sickness is a problem for you:

* Travel with one of the modern mega-liners
* You can expect very calm sea conditions when you travel in the Caribbean in winter and spring time.
* Avoid the tropical hurricane season in the Caribbean sea: around August - November
* Don't book an inside sea cabin. Make sure you are able to view the horizon from your cabin.

So, what is seasickness anyway?

It is a balance problem originating from nerves in the inner ear. These nerves try to compensate the unfamiliar movement, which might cause your sensory perception to get out of sync. In most cases, the symptoms disappear by themselves within a few days.

Some remedies for seasickness:

Medications: Ask your doctor to subscribe you something before embarking on your sea cruise. The most well known drugs are Dramamine and Bonine. These are anti-histamines and might even be available at pharmacies over the counter. It might also be a good idea to start taking these medications already a few hours before going onboard. In case you run out of your medications, you will be able to get these drugs on every cruise ship, usually at the pursers deck .

Patch behind the ear: This continually injects small doses of the medication into the blood stream. It's recommended to start using the patch already a few hours prior to going on-board and it will usually last for about 3 days. In order to get the patch you will need a prescription from your physician. You might also encounter certain side effects like drowsiness, dry mouth and blurred vision.

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