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Princess Cruise Lines

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Princess Cruise Lines

Princess cruise lines started out in 1965, with only one ship going to Mexico. Today, princess cruise lines belongs to the biggest in the world, transporting more than a million passengers to a multitude of different destinations.

The cruise line became very famous through the television series "The Love Boat" in the late seventies. Today, princess cruise lines includes a big number of different ships. Some of the most well known are:

* Caribbean Princess
* Royal Princess
* Coral Princess
* Dawn Princess
* Sun Princess
* Diamond Princess
* Pacific Princess
* Golden Princess
* Sapphire Princess

The cruise line ships to more than 250 different ports worldwide. You can go from the Aleutian Islands to the Cape of Good Hope, from the islands of the South Pacific to Alaska's Glacier Bay from the Strait of Gibraltar to the tip of South America… Cruises may last from 7- to more than 70 days.

Below you find a list with some of the most popular destinations:

*Hawaii & Tahiti
*Panama Canal
*South America
*And many more…

To find out more about Princess Cruise Lines, check out their website at: Princess Cruise Lines

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