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Celebrity Cruise Panama Canal

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Celebrity Cruise Panama Canal

A Celebrity Cruise of the Panama Canal offers journeys from 11-15 nights. Departure ports for a Panama Canal Celebrity Cruise include L.A., Galveston, San Diego, San Francisco and Fort Lauderdale. Sailing the panama canal by cruise ship is quite an amazing experience. During the tour a guide or historian will provide you with lots of interesting details and facts about the construction of the Panama canal and its history.

The tour is filled with amazing view and stops at glorious ports like Puerto Vallarta, Acapulco, Cayman Islands, Caldera and many others. And sure, there are also all Panama's ports as Isla San Telmo, Christobal and Isla de Coiba.

During day-time, fascinating excursions to Panama City, to the Embera Indian Village, the Gutun Locks and many other exciting destinations are proposed. There are also other events, like: kayaking along the colon wildlife.

Celebrity Cruise Panama Canal - Interesting facts:

The Panama Canal is 51 miles long and connects the Atlantic ocean and the pacific ocean. Apparantly, the construction of the panama canal began already in the 1500s although it wasn't opened before 1914. On a trip from San Francisco to New York, the Panama canal saves 18,000 miles of sea travel and it avoids having to sail the dangerous route between the Drake passage and Cape Horn in South America.

Celebrity Cruise Panama Canal - Discounts:

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